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Friday, August 10, 2012

September 2012 Schedule

Back after a few weeks off with an exciting and informative month of great footage. We have also changed back to Monday nigyhts, which makes perfect sense given the severity of the topics that often times just aren't suitable for an afternoon audience.

September 3rd 2012 - On this very episode of WILD TIME we will share some feedback to our interviews as well as some very uplifting animal related stories with you before going back to the bowels of the animal kingdom.

We will have an in-depth look at the state of the worlds' cheetahs before highlighting the plight of farmed animals as well as an upcoming march for farmed animals, which should be attended by all.

September 10th 2012 - today will be a very full show as we chat to Colin Ridell who has some good news about a change in the law that will aid Dugongs and Turtles. Wild Time also brings you conversations with the ' Plastic Garbage Project', that is currently happening in Switzerland and we will have another look at shark finnings by talking to Mick Dowes from the Australian anti sharkfinning alliance. Further more we will dedicate a minute of silence to Lennox, the dog killed for his looks and not his character. But it doesn't end there: In the second hour of today's show we will have an in-depth look at Salamanders with guest Matt Ellerbeck.

September 17th 2012 - It isn't often that WILD TIME has a closer look at fashion but on this show we can offer our listeners a really great interview with Kami Kreaps about her "Vegan Fashion Blog" that looks at ethically produced clothes and skincare products and much more.

Of course, the show doesn't end there: WILD TIME also talks to author and journalist David Kirby about his latest book "Death at Sea World" that investigates recent incidents at Sea World.

Last but not least, Susan Bump recalls her true life ordeal of being arrested for helping animals by watering them in the scorching heat.

September 24th 2012 - 10 000 greyhounds die evey year in the UK alone because the racing industry things of them as commodities. Wild Time talks to Kerry Eliman from Birmingham Greyhound Protection about the state of affairs for these lovely dogs. But the show doesn't end there. WILD TIME also talked to Wille Koltaka from Finnland who build his own electric bike and, last but not least, the show looks at the plight of the wolves as we speak to Bart Hoppenbreuwers about these magnificient creatures.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Break

WILD TIME will take a wee break in August and we will be back in September with exciting, indepth, informative and important shows that aim to raise awareness for the state of our planet and our animals.

The September Schedule will be announced in mid August.

We will also change back to our "old on air time" from September onwards:


Enjoy the summer

your WILD TIME team

Thomas and Nicole