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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

January 2013 schedule

We're back! WILD TIME will turn 5 in mid February and to-date has aired and/or podcast over 350 shows. And there is no slowing down:

07.01.2013 On this episode we are bringing you some expert advice on how to train pets and their owners the positive way as well as bringing you an amazing interview with activist and author Susie Duncan Sexton

14.01.2013 Wild Time talks to Cro-Mags Frontmann Joe Joseph about his book ‘Meat is for pussies’ in the second hour of today’s broadcast. Joy Warren also tells us about Waterflouridation and the health risks to humans and animals alike.

21.01.2013 On December 15th 2012 WILD TIME attended two great events: Firstly, the cruelty free Xmas fayre in Kings Heath/Birmingham and later that day a benefit concert in aid of the Hunt Sabs. This show is all about this day!

28.01.2013 Retired pastor Frank L. Hoffman talks to wild time about the book of genesis, why he believes that we were all meant to be vegan and more. 

Interviewing an animal rescueer during the Cruelty Free Xmas fayre in mid December 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apologies and seasonal greetings!

Due to issues with TCR FM's new server both WILD TIME shows scheduled for November 26th and December 3rd weren't aired as scheduled.
They were aired on Wednesday mornings/night at 1am to give listeners a chance to hear them and to find them via the REPLAY button.
This has caused some inconvenience and some listeners thought we were off for good.
Luckily we're not. We have been told by TCR FM that the problem is now being solved and the rest of the month should go as planned: 
December 10th 2012 WILD TIME will talk to Egyptian activist Dina Zulficar again. This time about the illegal smuggling of falcons to bahrain to the sales of monkeys to anyone who seems interested and more. We will also have a very close llok at the illegal wildlife trade, focussing specifically on southeast Asia.

December 17th 2012 – staying with Asia for the beginning of the show, Wild Time talks to Animals Asia’s CEO Jill Robinson about her work to end bear bile farming. Courtesy of an external broadcaster Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of the legendary Jaques Costeau tells us all about her conservation work.

We would like to thank all our listeners and supporters and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a great start to the new year.

We're back in January on Monday, January 7th 2013 from 10pm UK time 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012 schedule

As the year draws to a close WILD TIME has no time and reason to be all jolly as animal abuse is still happening around the globe.

But there is hope - WILD TIME's Thomas Janak talked to many passionate activists who are out there doing all they can and more to help animals.

December 3rd 2012 – The pig is one of the most eaten animals on the planet despite it being intelligent and social. Paul Mahoney from “Melbourne Pig Save” will talk us through the cruelty involved in the food industry and what the pig has to go through. Being a man of many trades and interests, Paul will also revisit Climate Change with us. He has published over 40 papers on the subject and we’re looking at possible solutions to a somewhat forgotten issue.

December 10th 2012 WILD TIME will talk to Egyptian activist Dina Zulficar again. This time about the illegal smuggling of falcons to bahrain to the sales of monkeys to anyone who seems interested and more. We will also have a very close llok at the illegal wildlife trade, focussing specifically on southeast Asia.

December 17th 2012 – staying with Asia for the beginning of the show, Wild Time talks to Animals Asia’s CEO Jill Robinson about her work to end bear bile farming. Courtesy of an external broadcaster Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of the legendary Jaques Costeau tells us all about her conservation work.

Monday, October 29, 2012

November 2012 Schedule

November 5th 2012 - ALL of the 36 species of wild cats deom cheetahs to Tigers are endangered, some of them critically. Reason enough for Wild Time to talk to Babette de Jonge from WILD CATS WORLD about the true state of our wild felines. But animals in the wild are not the only fragile beings. PAWS KUWAIT is an organisation that helps shelter- and stray animals in an area where animal welfare is virtually non existent. WILD TIME's Thomas Janak talked to Manuela Tague about the situation of the animals in Kuwait and about the PAWS shelter that has recently being served with an eviction order.

 November 12th 2012 - In early September a large amount of cats were rescued from slaughter in Shanghai. While this is certainly good news and made for a great headline, it is equally if not more important to move beyond the headlines to see what happens to the cats and what the main issues are in Shanghai. Wild Time therefore spoke to Shanghai resident Philippe Jeangeorges about the issues there. The second hour of today's episode has us explore bull fighting in Portugal as we talk to Rita Silva from "ONG Animal" in Lisbon, who have been fighting this cruel practice for 17 years now.

November 19th 2012 - On this episode of WILD TIME we will have a look at the plight of the native dogs of Bali and their newly imported foreign cousins. Furthermore we will be talking about the “Vegan booze guide” Barnivore before we will chat with cartoonist/activist Phil Watson about his “Shaaark” series.

November 26th 2012 - Filmmaker Ildar Khakimov went to Taiji/Japan this past summer to film a documentary about the ‘Cove Guardians’ . which include the animal rights activists, the local police and more. Ildar talked to Wild Time about his experience. Wild Time also talked to Fiona Munro about the horrors of ‘Foie Gras’

Thursday, September 27, 2012

October 2012 Schedule

October 1st 2012 - on this episode we will be exploring veganism with Ryan and Dallas who host and produce "Midwest Vegan Radio" in the USA. This will be an informative and engaging conversation. But the show doesn't end there as we're also talking to animal rights lawyer Steve M. Wise and the nonhuman rights project. Finally we will be chatting to Juergen Ortmueller from WDSF in Germany about current campaigns and past successes regarding dolphinariums and more. You'd be crazy to miss this!!!

October 8th 2012 - There are only 55 Maui dolphins left! Wild Time talks to Scott Bowman, campaign manager for Earthrace New Zealand about the threats to the dolphins. On this episode we will also revisit Egypt as we will be talking with activist Dina Zufklicar about the 7 dreadful governmental zoos and more.

And that's not all! In August Wild Time went to Wolverhampton to record at a peaceful protest against BSL (Bree Specific Legislation). The law is in effect since August 1991 and just does not seem to work.

It furthermore targets many dogs that are well behaved and kind by nature.

Many people talked to Thomas about their fears and feelings.

October 15th 2012 - There are only about 20 - 30 Amur leopards left in the wild yet, as reported by the New York Times in August, the Copenhagen zoo recently euthanised two healthy two year old Amur's, that could have lived out their lifes someplace else, somewhere where they would have been welcomed. We talked to Lucy Snowleopard about this case, zoos and more. Wild Time also recently talked to Julie Simenson from the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital, which has been raied by thieves who stole cages in the amount of nearly £ 30 000 and killed animals in the process. Lastly, for the very first time in the history of Wild Time, an activist from Israel tells Thomas about the Mazor Farm where primates are being kept and more,

October 22nd 2012 - Steve Hindi from "Shark" will talk us through the cruelty and practises of Rodeos and tell us why Rodeos have nothing to do with the 'old West'.

Later in the program we will be highlighting a campaign that deals directly with the apparent inability of social media page FACEBOOK to police its sites as many pages on there are outright promoting violence and sex. All will be revealed. Make sure not to miss us.

October 29th 2012 - a very different WILD TIME episode is coming your way: With over 300 shows under our belt and having covered issues from 41 countries, we thought we'd bring you music, both traditional and pop, from some of the countries we have covered. Music is a good start to appreciate different cultures and sensitivities and it is also entertaining - so, why not, eh?

Friday, August 10, 2012

September 2012 Schedule

Back after a few weeks off with an exciting and informative month of great footage. We have also changed back to Monday nigyhts, which makes perfect sense given the severity of the topics that often times just aren't suitable for an afternoon audience.

September 3rd 2012 - On this very episode of WILD TIME we will share some feedback to our interviews as well as some very uplifting animal related stories with you before going back to the bowels of the animal kingdom.

We will have an in-depth look at the state of the worlds' cheetahs before highlighting the plight of farmed animals as well as an upcoming march for farmed animals, which should be attended by all.

September 10th 2012 - today will be a very full show as we chat to Colin Ridell who has some good news about a change in the law that will aid Dugongs and Turtles. Wild Time also brings you conversations with the ' Plastic Garbage Project', that is currently happening in Switzerland and we will have another look at shark finnings by talking to Mick Dowes from the Australian anti sharkfinning alliance. Further more we will dedicate a minute of silence to Lennox, the dog killed for his looks and not his character. But it doesn't end there: In the second hour of today's show we will have an in-depth look at Salamanders with guest Matt Ellerbeck.

September 17th 2012 - It isn't often that WILD TIME has a closer look at fashion but on this show we can offer our listeners a really great interview with Kami Kreaps about her "Vegan Fashion Blog" that looks at ethically produced clothes and skincare products and much more.

Of course, the show doesn't end there: WILD TIME also talks to author and journalist David Kirby about his latest book "Death at Sea World" that investigates recent incidents at Sea World.

Last but not least, Susan Bump recalls her true life ordeal of being arrested for helping animals by watering them in the scorching heat.

September 24th 2012 - 10 000 greyhounds die evey year in the UK alone because the racing industry things of them as commodities. Wild Time talks to Kerry Eliman from Birmingham Greyhound Protection about the state of affairs for these lovely dogs. But the show doesn't end there. WILD TIME also talked to Wille Koltaka from Finnland who build his own electric bike and, last but not least, the show looks at the plight of the wolves as we speak to Bart Hoppenbreuwers about these magnificient creatures.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Break

WILD TIME will take a wee break in August and we will be back in September with exciting, indepth, informative and important shows that aim to raise awareness for the state of our planet and our animals.

The September Schedule will be announced in mid August.

We will also change back to our "old on air time" from September onwards:


Enjoy the summer

your WILD TIME team

Thomas and Nicole

Monday, June 25, 2012

July 2012 Schedule

02.07.2012 Gardener's World Live Exhibition footage - On a Saturday in June WILD TIME went to the NEC in Birmingham where we talked to many exhibitors about habitats, conservation and more. The show features interviews with The Badger Trust, The Bat Conservation Society, Rainwater Harvesting, British cactus and Succulent Society, Orchid Society to name but a few.

09.07.2012 Following pigeons in London and "The Urban Fox problems" - Today WILD TIME will bring you an insightful and entertaining interview with Lisa Shand who has been following piegeons in London for over six years now. We will also bring you a conversation with Paul McDonalds from "Fox-A-Gon", whose aim is to help repell Foxes from making a home in ones garden withoutever harming them.

12.07.2012 WILD TIME LIVE EVENT: You are invited to attend a FREE screening of Michael Zhao;s amazing documentary "Pets' Republic Of China" at the Ort Cafe, 500 - 506 Moseley Road, Moseley, Birmingham from 8.30pm.

16.07.2012 Cullings and killings will be the main issues today on Wild Time, I am afraid as we are bringing you an interview with Wildlife photographer and outspoken anti-hunter Jim Robertson as well as an interview about the current Kangaroo killings in Australia before joining up with the "Animal Friendly Alliance" in Hong - Kong.

23.07.2012 Another full show! We will be chatting to BAT WORLD, will have a closer look at the threats the orangutans are under and will also talk to an organisation in Vietnam, whose aim is to help mainly stray animals there. (re-scheduled from June 25th)

30.07.2012 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Benefit gig footage - On Saturday, June 16th a benefit gig in aid of the SSCS took place at the Wagon 'n' Horses in Birmingham where six bands gave it their all to support Paul Watson. CONTAINS SOME BAD LANGUAGE

WE WILL BE OFF IN AUGUST and will be back on air on the first Monday in September

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 2012 schedule

WILD TIME is back on air WEEKLY every Monday between 2 - 4pm!
There are some great interviews waiting to be aired and many topics to be explored this month: June 11th 2012: Our environment is fragile and new ways of commuting need to be found to lessen the impact on the planet. Wild Time recently went to the "Green Motor Show" ECOVELOCITY in London to have a closer look at the vehicles of the future. On this weeks' edition we will also have an in-depth look at VAFA, an animal shelter in Iran...... June 18th 2012: China will be the sole topic of this weeks' WILD TIME. We will be having a closer log at the dog height restrictions that are in place in certain areas, will talk to a french gentleman who lives in Shanghai (see picture left) and who is involved in a dog adoption scheme and we will also talk to the students alliance for animal rights!
June 25th 2012 : Another full show! We will be chatting to BAT WORLD, will have a closer look at the threats the orangutans are under and will also talk to an organisation in Vietnam, whose aim is to help mainly stray animals there.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

June 7th 2012 - Rescuing animals in the nick of time and more

This month Wild Time talks to author Debbie Blalock about her awareness rasing yet funny books. Wild Time also enjoyed a great conversation with Jenny Cranwell from "Nick of time", a UK based organisation whose aim is to rescue animals from shelters before their time runs out!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

May 3rd 2012 - from ancient egypt to ancient sea creatures

WILD TIME's may edition highlights a brandnew CD in aid of Sea Shepherd, aptly titled: "The Oceans Of Music Project". Nick Blackman talks about the project and the idea behind it.

But that's not all as Wild Time also caught up with egyptologist Charlotte Booth to talk about revered animals in ancient Egypt and what we could learn from history to save our blue planet.

The shows can be re-enjoyed on our online version, where you can also find the links to our guests respective websites!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

April 5th 2012 - a truly star studded edition

The April edition is a truly star studded edition as Wild Time was invited (again) to exclusive cover the Wetnose Awards 2012, which were being held in London on March 9th.

Wetnose celebrates and acknowledges the lesser known yet vital animal rescues around the globe who often get overlooked and who through enormous drive and conviction save many animal lives. The awards ceremony was attended by a barrage of celebrities including Dame Judi Dench, musician Rick Wakeman (yes, the guy from YES), actors from all the main soap operas but there were also many animal charities and rescues.

2/3 of this edition is dedicated to the award ceremony. But there is more: Thomas Janak also talked to Sarah Becker about her studies of hieroglyphics and hebrew as well as to John Boyle from the West Midlands coop about sustainability. Further more Wild Time talked with "traidfair" and "Ethical pets".

One not to be missed!!

In conversation with the one and only Rick Wakeman

Talking to "Ethical Pets" during the spring sustainability fair in Birmingham on March 10th 2012.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Time Monthly - March Edition

Wild Time is back on March 1st 2012 from 10pm GMT.

This month Wild Time's Thomas Janak talked to many people involved in animal rescue and care:

Chester-born Sarah Heaney who is currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia talked to WT about "Tabuk Paws", an effort to spay and neuter wild and stray cats in Saudi Arabia. The show continues in the same vain as the conversation with Lucy Snowleopard also revolves around cats.

Wild Time also re-connected with Asociatja Pethope's Alina Vacaru who urgently need funding for their spay/neuter and care clinic.

Last but not least Thomas talked to Shelly Carter who works with an animal charity in India where she had the pleasure and task to look after an orphaned macaque.

Many of the mentioned interviews can be re-enjoyed on our online version!

Wild Time monthly will be back on Thursday, April 5th 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 today! - Happy Birthday WILD TIME!!!

On February 15th 2008 WILD TIME premiered on The Digital Hub FM in Dublin.

To date we have aired over 220 shows and we haven't run out of topics at all. The next show is going out on TCR FM on March 1st 2012 from 10pm.

Why not join us on facebook and/or check our online blog for more about the show!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wild Time monthly - March 1st 2012

Wild Time recently spoke to Chester-born Sarah Heaney who currently resides in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where she is involved in trap-neuter-release of cats.

A protest against the recently sanctioned Badger Cull is the next event Wild Time will attend and the footage will be aired on March 1st.

More to be confirmed soon

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wild Time monthly - February 2nd 2012

(Wild Time host Thomas Janak out and about)

Wild Time monthly is on air on February 2nd 2012 from 10pm GMT globally with s full show:

Wild Time will bring you footage from a recent event at Kingstanding/Birmingham where the age-old tradition of "Awakening The Trees" took place. The show also features an interview with Dean Bracher who organises this years' World Day for animals in laboratories, which will take place in Birmingham on Saturday April 28th.

Furthermore Wild Time host Thomas Janak spoke with Lucy Byrne from Earthrace UK about their recent protest at the Australian house in London re the dugong and turtle killings in Australia.

Lastly, the show features and interview with Sydney-based Sarah Constable who "has a habit" of rescueing calves from slaughter.

The majority of our interviews can also be enjoyed and re-enjoyed via our online version

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awakening the trees

The natural world project invited all to a family event, an age-old English tradition to "wake" the fruit trees from their winter sleep.

Wild Time attended and spoke with many people and also enjoyed the music and dance performances at the Orchard.

The velvet orchard is situated at the Witton lakes. Regular listeners may remember Linda Hines from the witton lakes being on Wild Time as a studio guest in 2011.

On air date for the footage recorded at the orchard to be confirmed.

Watch this space

Members of the community partaking in the ritual

The velvet community orchard in Kingstanding

Morris Dancers at the Orchard

Monday, January 16, 2012


Although, as previously mentioned, we won't be on air weekly anymore WILD TIME is still going and there will be a "Wild Time Monthly" show on TCR FM - dates and times tbc.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wild Time put on hold

Last year Wild Time delivered 86 shows between the TCR FM output and my online version and we travelled to Tamworth, London, Bradford, Leamington Spa and a few other places and did lots of skype interviews and attended numerous events.

Good fun!

The show sort of turned into a full time job.

This year I have much less time and have in fact not recorded a single interview thus far (although some are planned) and I do not have enough footage to put out and not nearly enough time to record something.

Therefore I have to put Wild Time on hold for the time being. A specialised show like mine is quite tough to keep going and I wouldn't want to play more songs than interviews to fill the gaps.

There will be "the odd interview" on wildtime online of course.

Animals and the environment need a voice and Wild Time shall continue to provide one albeit it less frequently.

Thanks to TCR FM and all listeners for your support.

Please visit wildtime online for future interviews.

Kind regards

Thomas Janak
WILD TIME host/producer