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Thursday, February 28, 2013

MARCH 2013 schedule

March will be another exciting month !!

04.03.2013 WILD TIME in conversation with Anthony Marr from the Vancouver Animal Defence League.The League currently fights for the abandonment of Shark fins and this topic was covered here in some detail. But that’s not where it ends at all as the conversation also touched on important issues like global warming, the illegal wildlife trade, overpopulation an racism in the animal rights movement. Tonight we will also talk about netting and the threat it causes to pigeons and other birds. After all, netting seems by far the most effective method to keep pigeons and other birds from resting on buildings. Truth is that many pigeons get trapped in the nets and badly injure themselves or die a slow and agonising death virtually undetected by anyone. Luckily there are groups and people like Sidney Barret who highlight the plight of the pigeons and who want the netting reviewed as a method and periodically checked for weaknesses that allow birds to get entangled and trapped in the first place.  

11.03.2013 “Cee4life” dirctor Sybelle Foxcroft is back on WILD TIME RADIO to talk about their work. Sybelle gave us an update on the tiger temple in Thailand and highlighted a  non-functioning state-run zoo in Nigeria where animals are starving to death.

18.03.2013 In the first hour of tonight’s show we get all spiritual (again) as we talk with spiritual healer Alison Ward whose aim in life is to help people find their life’s purpose and live happily ever after. This is an in-depth conversation about the power of overcoming hardship and transforming pain into positive energy and happiness. In the second hour of today's show we will talk to Diane Rowles from the Rudozeem street dog rescue in Bulgaria about their important work and challenges.

25.03.2013 Wild Time talks to Sylvia Vale a.k.a. “Vegan Ninja Bunny” at length about her youtube channel aimed at educating people about the vegan lifestyle. Sylvia tells us all about being a fruitarian and raw food vegan. Bute the show doesn’t edn there as we have also had the pleasure to chat with the iconic Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson of “Whale Wars” fame.