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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Merry Christmas to all our listeners, supporters and friends

The year 2013 may be drawing to a close but we're not done yet! Here's what is coming your way this month:

03.12.2013 Wild Time in conversation with Animal Defenders International's Jan Creamer about the new documentary 'Lion Ark' which follows the rescue of  25 lions from a circus in Bolivia. Ericka Ceballos will also talk to us today, this time about a book about the bloody and unnecessary ivory trade.

10.12.2013 Ericka Ceballos is back on air with us telling us about the illegal wildlife trade that is happening globally via the internet.

17.12.2013 Wild Cats World's Babette DeJonge talks to us about the critically endangered leopards and about educational programs in numerous countries to help the species recover.

We will be back on air on Tuesday, January 7th 2014