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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


March 2014 will be an eventful month:

04.03.2014 Shark Aid International - Susana Narvajas and Alex Wright will be talking to WILD TIME about the importance of the shark

11.03.2014 More form Surabaya Zoo - Indonesia's disgraceful Surabaya Zoo has been a topic of ours already but as it gets worse and worse it is time to revisit this topic. Cee4Life's Sybelle Foxcroft has the latest news

18.03.2014 Anti Badger Cull March Birmingham, February 2014 - 1,861 badgers have been killed recently in an attempt to eradicate Bovine TB. Science strongly suggests that culling badgers is NOT the answer. Thousands of people came to Birmingham's Victoria Square on February 22nd to express their views and to educate the public. WILD TIME was there

25.03.2014 More from the badger cull - We will bring you more footage from the recent event as well as an in-depth interview about the macaques in Morocco

The show on March 25th 2014 will be our final Wild Time show on TCR FM.

For future shows please visit our online version

Sunday, January 19, 2014


WILD TIME turns 6 this month!! We premiered on February 15th 2008 on The Digital Hub FM (sadly no longer in existence) in Dublin / Ireland. Within weeks we changed from an animal welfare show to an animal rights show. Check our our humble beginnings HERE .

Six years on the world is still a very sad and violent world for many animals around the globe. This is what we've got for you this month:

04.02.2014 Animal Mutilation - in conversation with Margie Kay Animal mutilation cases are not new and have been reported for a very long time, almost always linked to sightings of UFO's and/or strange military air planes. But what exactly is happening to these animals and do we know why and who is behind it all?

11.02.2014 Cruelty Free X-mas fayre - in December 2013 WILD TIME went to the cruelty free x-mas fayre in Birmingham where we talked to many organisations from Sea Shepherd to 'Projet Primates', the latter being a more in-depth guest on a future show of ours.

18.02.2014 Projet Primates - Estelle Raballand from Projet Primates tells us all about their efforts to save chimpanzees in Africa.

25.02.2014 Live Exports in Ireland and stray dogs in Romania - after a 16-year-ban live exports came back to the Republic of Ireland in 2012 with a vengeance. In 2013 over 200 000 animals were shipped to their deaths all over the globe from Irish soil. Laura Broxson from the National Animal Rights Association, NARA for short, who has been on the show numerous times and is always a great and compassionate guest to have on the show, fills us in about how to fight the live export industry and all the difficulties that this entails.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Happy 2014 everyone!!

WILD TIME starts off the new year with an amazing variety of topics:

07.01.2014 Health special - The new year starts with a health special. We truly believe that you can't loom after anyone unless you look after yourself first. To kick-start the new year we talk to personal trainer Mikey Spice from BODYSHARP (pictured above) about how to get back into fitness. Furthermore Sylvia Chandler, founder of the famous ZEN shop in Birmingham, will tell us all about the healing powers and health benefit of urine.

14.01.2014 Ending vivisection - animal tests are cruel, inconclusive and ultimately a relic from the past that has to stop. WILD TIME spoke to Geoffrey Deckers about the European organisation that tries to end vivisection.

21.01.2014 Bikers 4 Orcas - loud, leather-lunged bikers are the last thing people expect to make some noise for cetaceans, yet here they are. Wild Time's Thomas Janak talks to biker Vincent Lesner from 'Bikers 4 Orcas' about their campaigns.

28.01.2014 Save the Maui dolphins - Earthrace new Zealand's Paul Moss tells us all about the plight of the Maui dolphins, whose times could run out soon as there are only 55 left!

DON'T miss our informative conversations!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Merry Christmas to all our listeners, supporters and friends

The year 2013 may be drawing to a close but we're not done yet! Here's what is coming your way this month:

03.12.2013 Wild Time in conversation with Animal Defenders International's Jan Creamer about the new documentary 'Lion Ark' which follows the rescue of  25 lions from a circus in Bolivia. Ericka Ceballos will also talk to us today, this time about a book about the bloody and unnecessary ivory trade.

10.12.2013 Ericka Ceballos is back on air with us telling us about the illegal wildlife trade that is happening globally via the internet.

17.12.2013 Wild Cats World's Babette DeJonge talks to us about the critically endangered leopards and about educational programs in numerous countries to help the species recover.

We will be back on air on Tuesday, January 7th 2014

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


November will be another exciting and important month of educational shows highlighting the plight of our animal kin.

For over five years now WILD TIME has been highlighting animal rights issues as well as world conservation shows and we are delighted to bring you more footage in November:

05.11.2013.Stop the badger cull - giving a voice to the cause. In conversation with activist and musician Tim Bragg

12.11.2013 Help the animals at Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia - animals starving to death or suffocating on plastic bags are just some of the distressing events happening at the mentioned zoo. Cee4life's Sybelle Foxcroft talks to us about the zoo and about what can be done

19.11.2013 Fighting crush videos globally Part I 

26.11.2013 Fighting crush videos globally Part 2 - in this two part series Stop Crush.org's Marla Patty and Anthony Damiano talk to us about the global phenomenon of crush videos, where helpless, defenseless animals are being crushed to death for sexual pleasure. How big this issue is and why this is not a fetish but outright abuse are the topics we will be discussing here.

Friday, September 13, 2013

October 2013 Schedule

In October we’re taking a long, hard and in-depth look at the link between animal abuse and human abuse. You may be shocked to learn just how much of a link there is. WILD TIME has talked to three people who have researched this for years, namely Malcolm Plant, Professor Philip Tedeschi and Professpr Eleonora – Gullone. Other topics this month: The Vegan Information Project (VIP) in Dublin/Ireland and the plight of the nearly extinct fire salamanders in Holland.

Don’t miss these informative shows:

01.10.2013 Making the link 1 - in conversation with Malcolm Planet, whose studies focus mainly on Eastern Europe

08.10.2013 Making the link 2 - an even deeper look into the link between animal abuse and human abuse as we talk to Professor Philip Tedeschi. We also welcome back Roger yates who tells us all about the "VIP", Vegan Information Project", which gains momentum over in the Irish capitol city of Dublin.

15.10.2013 Romania's dogs need help -Following the death of a 4-year-old boy, supposedly through a stray dog, Romania is on a rampage to kill every stray dog in the country. Stray dogs have long been a big issue in Romania and many animal rights groups in Romania and elsewhere have criticized the cruel treatment of animals there..WILD TIME’s Thomas Janak talked to Vlad Dumitrescu, a civil engeneer in Bucarest, who has a very sensible view of his countries’ current actions against dogs.The conversation touches on many things including hysteria, corruption and possible solutions. It also shows how divided the country is and how many people in Romania do care about the stray dogs and are doing a lot to help. Help also comes from further afield. Wild Time talks to Izza Siebert from “Gegen Tierquaelerei” who hails from Germany. Izza and others of her group are currently organizing numerous trips to Bucharest to not only feed many of the dogs there but also to get some of them out of Romania and into new homes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

She also tells us about the many difficulties helpers are facing and they also need financial support in order to rescue and feed dogs.

22.10.2013 Save the fire salamanders - Expert Matt Ellerbeck tells us all about the virus BS and other reasons responsible for shrinking the fire salamanders population to a mere 4% in Holland.

29.10.2013 Making the link 3 - today we will be talking in-depth about the link between animal cruelty and anti social behaviour among other things. Our guest is Professor Eleonora Gullone

Thursday, August 29, 2013


We're back! And we're back with some great footage.

03.09.2013 Blackfish is the new documentary by Gabriela Cowperthwaite that examines the death of Sea World trainer Dawn Brencheau and the life of Tilikum, the killer whale, who has been involved in three deaths. The film asks the questions: Should we continue to keep these intelligent animals in captivity any longer, especially since there are absolutely zero reports of incidents between killer whales and humans in the wild. We talked to Gabriela about the documentary and also talked to people who have seen the film.

10.09.2013 Freedom Blue - is a project aiming at the education of people with regards to cetacians. Freedom Blue is also a music project that uses art to highlight the issue. Len Varley (who has been on WILD TIME before) talks to us about the project.

17.09.2013 The beggar cats of Niigata / Japan - for all intents and purposes stray cats aren't a new topic but when there are stray cats in a small village in Japan the whole issue takes on a comletely new meaning. WILD TIME in conversation with Steven Harsha, who lives in Niigata. This interview also touches on the different ways of thinking and understanding the world,

24.09.2013 Tim Gorski -  "How I became an elephant" is just one of the many documentaries of independent film maker Tim Gorski. Tim's documentary about Sea Shepherd gave rise to the now famous TV show "Whale Wars" and WILD TIME talked to Tim at length about his films, experiences and views.