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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wild Time monthly - February 2nd 2012

(Wild Time host Thomas Janak out and about)

Wild Time monthly is on air on February 2nd 2012 from 10pm GMT globally with s full show:

Wild Time will bring you footage from a recent event at Kingstanding/Birmingham where the age-old tradition of "Awakening The Trees" took place. The show also features an interview with Dean Bracher who organises this years' World Day for animals in laboratories, which will take place in Birmingham on Saturday April 28th.

Furthermore Wild Time host Thomas Janak spoke with Lucy Byrne from Earthrace UK about their recent protest at the Australian house in London re the dugong and turtle killings in Australia.

Lastly, the show features and interview with Sydney-based Sarah Constable who "has a habit" of rescueing calves from slaughter.

The majority of our interviews can also be enjoyed and re-enjoyed via our online version

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awakening the trees

The natural world project invited all to a family event, an age-old English tradition to "wake" the fruit trees from their winter sleep.

Wild Time attended and spoke with many people and also enjoyed the music and dance performances at the Orchard.

The velvet orchard is situated at the Witton lakes. Regular listeners may remember Linda Hines from the witton lakes being on Wild Time as a studio guest in 2011.

On air date for the footage recorded at the orchard to be confirmed.

Watch this space

Members of the community partaking in the ritual

The velvet community orchard in Kingstanding

Morris Dancers at the Orchard

Monday, January 16, 2012


Although, as previously mentioned, we won't be on air weekly anymore WILD TIME is still going and there will be a "Wild Time Monthly" show on TCR FM - dates and times tbc.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wild Time put on hold

Last year Wild Time delivered 86 shows between the TCR FM output and my online version and we travelled to Tamworth, London, Bradford, Leamington Spa and a few other places and did lots of skype interviews and attended numerous events.

Good fun!

The show sort of turned into a full time job.

This year I have much less time and have in fact not recorded a single interview thus far (although some are planned) and I do not have enough footage to put out and not nearly enough time to record something.

Therefore I have to put Wild Time on hold for the time being. A specialised show like mine is quite tough to keep going and I wouldn't want to play more songs than interviews to fill the gaps.

There will be "the odd interview" on wildtime online of course.

Animals and the environment need a voice and Wild Time shall continue to provide one albeit it less frequently.

Thanks to TCR FM and all listeners for your support.

Please visit wildtime online for future interviews.

Kind regards

Thomas Janak
WILD TIME host/producer