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Monday, March 28, 2011

April 2011 Schedule

April 2011 Schedule*:

04.04.2011 The show features an interview with a Rumanian animal rights activist, who is frantically trying to do something about the killings of stray dogs. A must listen eyewitness/activist report, very moving indeed. The show also features an interview with the Shark Tsunami UK group who are campaigning against shark finning and the grim reputation of the shark in general.

11.04.2011 Animal Rights Spring Gathering footage - contains tons of interviews with many activists, involved in numerous campaigns and many fields.

18.04.2011 Japan special - Japan's problems and worries are far from over and this show highlights the tsunami and the need to support Japan. Includes interviews with members and friends of the Birmingham Japanese society with wide ranging topics such as xenophobia in Japan and how to wear a kimono. Also features an interview with American photographer and activist Brian Barnes who was in Japan when the distaster struck.

Great Vegan food at the Animal Rights Spring Gathering in Bradford (mid March)

Just some of the people we met at the Eiwakei Birmingham Japanese Society on March 25th 2011

* - subject to change

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update: Amazing March

What an amazing month so far. Wild Time will attend the screening of the movie 'Home' tomorrow at the Northfield Eco Centre in Birmingham and will meetup with the Birmingham Japanese society on Friday.

Interviews with many celebrtities as recorded during the Wetnose Burgess Awards earlier this month, and already aired on Wild Time, are available to listen to again and again and again HERE

Wild Time host Thomas Janak (left) and Paul McDonalds, who has been on Wild Time Online re crow and magpie cull and who will be on air on March 28th to talk about the Urban Fox Defenders, met unexpectedly at the Animal Rights Sping gathering in Bradford earlier this month.

Interview with Danielle Nilsson re orangutans and Yoshika Wada re life after the quake can be found on Wild Time Online

APRIL SCHEDULE to be announced shortly!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Please donate! Wild Time/TCR FM supports Osaka/Tokyo based animal sanctuary

Founded by British-born Elisabeth Oliver, ARKBARK is based in both Osaka and Tokyo. They are taking in as many animals as they possibly can and hold many fundraising events, adoption events and even reunion-parties!

Pls help ARKBARK! You can easily donate online!

Click their website HERE!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Tsunami Appeal

Japan has often been a topic on WILD TIME and we have always made sure to mention that not everybody in Japan is a dolphin killer or worse. In fact, many very nice and courageous Japanese people like CFT's Kozue Watanabe and Masami Mizuguchi or SSCS activist Noro Yorakawa were engaging guests on the show.

Best-selling author Masaru Emoto (Hidden Messages in Water) will be talking to WILD TIME soon.

Like so many people around the globe, we too are shocked and saddened by the recent Tsunami in Japan and the devastation this has brought to the land of the rising sun.

While we are very happy to report that many of our Japanse friends appear to be safe for the moment we would like to ask all our listeners and supporters to help if they can by donating.

Read how HERE (Facebook login required)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wetnose/Burgess Awards 2011

Wild Time in conversation with Wetnose co-founder Andrea Gamby - Boulger
WILD TIME was invited to cover the 2011 Wetnose / Burgess Rescue Awards for radio. The award ceremony took place in London on March 4th 2011

For the program Wild Time host/producer Thomas Janak spoke to many hard working and kind individuals from numerous organisations and/or charities such as The Born Free Foundation, the UK Border Patrol, Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue, Remus Horse Rescue, author Margrit Coates and others.

The event was superb from start to finish and also included many a celebrity who gave up their time to present an award or were in fact themselves patrons for an animal charity and/or animal rights activists.

Interviewees also include Queen guitar God Brian May, legendary activist and actress Virginia McKenna from the Born Free Foundtion, actress Jenny Seagrove and actor Martin Clunes.

Thomas Janak talked to Jane Thompson about the Greyhound rescue she works for

Brian May talked to WILD TIME about fox hunting and much more

In conversation with Virginia McKenna whom Thomas Janak admires since the age of 10

Thomas Janak talking to actor Martin Clunes, patron of ACE Horse Rescue Sanctuary in Egypt, who have also received an award for their outstanding work

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2011 Schedule

March 2011 is going to be yet another fun-packed and diverse month for WILD TIME.

07.03.2011 Wetnose/Burgess Rescue Awards footage - recorded during an by invitation only event in London on March 4th 2011

14.03.2011 Choices for tomorrow - Wild Time in conversation with New York based Japanese activists Kozue Watanabe and Masami Mizuguchi, who offer great advise for a better future on their website "Choices for tomorrow".

21.03.2011 Animal Rights Zone - a conference call with Carolyn Bailey, Roger Yates and Tim Gier about the animal rights zone about its aims and aspirations

28.03.2011 Urban Fox Defenders - in conversation with Paul McDonald. This show will help to dispell the myths ans often blatant lies about the "vicious fox"

Wild Time host Thomas Janak will also attend the animal rights spring gathering in mid March, where he will give a workshop on using radio as an activists tool and hopefully do a few interviews with other Ara's.

And there is always more to come to Wild Time

* - all shows are subject to change

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Years Of Wild Time

WILD TIME premiered on February 15th 2008 at the Digital Hub FM and is on air on TCR FM since October 2010.

In total 150 shows have been broadcast/aired and WILD TIME celebrated its 3rd birthday with friends at the Warehouse Cafe in Digbeth, Birmingham.

The animal rights show is in full swing and many interviews and shows are currently in the making.

Wild Time's March schedule will be announced shortly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TCR FM, all our guests and listeners for their support and input.

Long may we continue

One of many great vegetarian/vegan meals at the Warehouse Cafe

From left to right: Daniel Hoult, Rebecca Moynett, Nicole Valentin, Thomas Janak, Sarah Hoyle, Tarron Hervican

More pictures are up on TCR FM's flickr page