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Thursday, October 28, 2010

November 2010 Schedule

01.11.2010 Iqualdad Animal/Animal Equality - members from the group will be live in the studio. The show also features recently recorded footage from an AE event

Footage from a recent AE event will be aired during the show on November 1st 2010

08.11.2010 Midlands Vegan Festival footage - the show airs footage recorded during the festival which took place on October 30th 2010. Kevin White from the Festival will be in the studio

15.11.2010 Piranha Protection/How animals are being portrayed in movies and how this fuels hatred and ridicule - The show features an interview with Matt Ellerbeck who currently runs campaigns to protect piranhas. Sociologist Roger Yates, who has been on WILD TIME numerous times will be speaking to wild time host Thomas Janak about animals in horror movies and more.

Piranha Protector Matt Ellerbeck

22.11.2010 Anti Whaling day protest November 5th London footage - November 5th 2010 saw a number of global protests against Whaling. WILD TIME covered the protest at the Japanese Embassy in London

29.11.2010 Birmingham Vegetarians and Vegans Talks - WILD TIME recently recorded a very informative talk given by Barbara Staples about aspects of vegan organic growing and permaculture, which will be aired on the show. Very likely WILD TIME will also record a talk with Dr. Harish Chandra from the Princeton University in the US titled "We are vegetarians naturally", which shall be aired during the show as well.

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak in conversation with Barbara Staples

- subject to change -

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kind words and great news

Kind words from the animal rights activists after yesterday's show: "Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your lovely radio show, I will listen every week now I know about it, I loved our piece on the protest, really well edited and you gave us so much airtime, this is very very much appreciated, It was great to listen to you and my f...riends. Hope to see you soon, we are at the vegan festival next week, might see you there. Best wishes.xxxx"

Mixcloud says: Abudaba69 has just favorited "Chemtrails" -

thanks to all for that!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Next show: November 1st 2010

Rescate Abierto de gallinas || Igualdad Animal from Igualdad Animal on Vimeo.

Members from ANIMAL EQUALITY will be live in the studio.

The show also features footage from a recent Animal Equality Event held in Birmingham.

There is quite a lot going on here at WILD TIME - we will record a talk at the Birmingham Vegan & Vegetarians tomorrow, will have interviews with Whitney Hillman, who rescued a chicken from death in her school, Roger Yates will talk to WILD TIME again and the West Midlands Vegan Festival, which is happening on October 30th will be covered as well.

Lots to come - watch this space for updates

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Next show: 25th October 2010

WILD TIME followed a group of animal rights protesters yesterday as they expressed their disgust towards Armani and Oasis, two shops in Birmingham who are currently selling fur.

The footage features an interview with animal rights activist Jon White, security personell from "The Bullring" and Oasis staffmember Tiffany.

As mentioned earlier, the show will also feature footage from a recent Friends of the Earth event. Sophia Hobbs pulled out of the show last Friday and unfortunately won't be live in the studio.

On air live October 25th 8p.m. - the show will be repeated on Thursday from 10pm

A performance by John Edgar will be featured on WILD TIME on October 25th 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reminder: Next show Monday 25th 2010

WILD TIME on October 25th will feature footage from a recent FRIENDS OF THE EARTH event, which included performances from John Edgar (pictured) and many others. Event organiser Sophia Hobbs will be live in the studio.

Tune in on Monday, October 25th from 8p.m. to WILD TIME on TCR FM

Tiger Temple Update uploaded

Yesterday's interview with Sybelle Foxcroft has been published on wildtime online. Check it out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another great show

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak with his guests Paul Lyons (left) and Bob Birtles (right) from the Greyhound Trust

The show will be repeated this Thursday, October 21st 2010 from 10p.m.

Updates and latest news

An interview with John Walker, top banker for one of Korea's largests banks and children book author, has been pre-scheduled for this week via skype. It will have to be confirmed. Inspired by his wife who supports the moonbears in Korea, John wrote his second children's book "Ura's dream" and we will talk about it. Thanks to Kelly Frances M. from Bear Necessities Korea for the contact.

Also hopefully this week WILD TIME will re-connect with Matt Ellerbeck with whom we spoke about snake conservation during WILD TIME's broadcasting days on Dublin South FM.

ANIMAL EQUALITY has confirmed to be on the show on November 1st 2010. WILD TIME also got permission to record at the Midlandveganfestival on October 30th and there is a good chance that they will be live in the studio somewhen soon.

Ruth Boswell, scheduled to be on our show today can't make it due to the fallng ill of one of her dogs.

Volunteers from the Dogday Kennels will be there instead. The topic "Greyhounds" remains.

And last but not least:

Sybelle Foxcroft updated WILD TIME about the situation at the Tiger Temple in Thailand via skype today. On air date to be confirmed.

Lots happening here then guys!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I met a bunch of great people today!!

I met and talked to people from the international animal rights organisation "Animal Equality" in Birmingham today.

AE was founded in Spain in 2006 and seeks the total liberation of all animal usage e.g. for food, fur or entertainment etc.

I invited them to be on WILD TIME on November 1st 2010 and am waiting for a confirmation.

In conversation with Martin Day

Animal Equality.net

Animal Equality Website HERE

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Date for your diary: WORLDWIDE FUR FREE FRIDAY 2010 November 26th 2010

Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF) is one of largest global days of action in the history of animal rights organizations. We have had rallies numbering up to 120 locations around the world; held on the Friday that is the beginning of the big holiday sales.

Simultaneous rallies worldwide, in one united voice to save the voiceless victims of the cruel fur trade.
This is your chance to add your voice! Contact your local animal rights movement and ask them about their plans for WFFF; if they haven’t planned a rally, ask them to plan one, offer your help.
If you need help and/or ideas for your rally please contact us at: www.antifurcoalition.org

The Goal is to inform the public of the true face of fur and about the millions of innocent fur bearing animals who are slaughtered each year, many skinned alive, including dogs and cats, all in the name of fashion fur, whether it is for a coat, a trim, for a toy or trinket! They live in torturous fur farms, going mad in filthy tiny wire cages and exposed to the elements or trapped in torment until they die alone or are killed skinned alive!
Join in this year’s WFFF and help put an end to their anguish!!!
Important points of attention for this year’s action are:
I Our victories across the globe:
1) Fur farms closing down in many nations
2) Local bans on the fur trade already passed and on the table to be passed as soon possible
3) More and more shops and chain shops removing fur from shelves for good.
4) Designers taking the pledge not to use fur
5) More and more people pledging to go fur free due to growing global awareness
II The fur industry is running scared
They fighting back and as to be expected, they fight dirty;
1) Spreading the rumor that ‘fur is making a comeback’, getting moral-less designers and celebrities to promote fur. Notice that they are but a few and the celebrities are disparate has-beens trying to make a big noise for money
2) But truth-be-told fur is being phased out and fast too!
3) The writing is on the wall and all the morally literate can read it!!!
III You could list of some of the above mentioned points (from ‘I’) on your banners and/or announcements.
Please give us as soon as possible the details of your local rally to put on our official list to enable activists to find the nearest rally to join, increasing our united call to end the cruel fur trade There will soon be a link on our site: www.antifurcoalition.org to upload the details of your rally,
The required details are:
1) Country/city
2) Date and time (if you must, you can hold the rally on a date near the 26th of November too; e.g. Thursday 25th /Saturday 27th /Sunday 28th)
3) Name of contact person
4) Name of organization
5) Contact details: email/website/phone number
Suggestions and ideas to be used at rallies:
The below can be used in any combination that you see fit and that is acceptable at your rally.

1) Have activists come dressed in black and/or red; and/or as fur bearing animals;
2) They could be in costume, mask or body painting (some could represent the poor animal after being skinned)
3) Have activists holding candles and/or place candles around a mock memorial
4) Set up info tables, having leaflets, anti fur t-shirts and the like…
5) Have a screening (on a laptop/ portable DVD/ movie screen) of the true face of fur with a recording broadcasting the cries of the animals beings skinned!
6) Have a petition to sign
7) And of course, banners, posters, presentations showing the true face of fur!
8) Have someone give a speech on the true face of fur
9) Have all media at your rally to report!

Ideas for slogans:



WILD TIME will also record footage during a "Fur is dead" anti fur protest in Birmingham on October 21st 2010

WILD TIME on itunes

WILD TIME is a truly global show and some shows actually made it onto the itunes archives.

Check it out HERE

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Date for your diary

Sue Gessey and Richard Keogh from the Wythall Horse Rescue are having a fundraiser:

Charity Mind Body Spirit & Christmas Fair at the Bonded Warehouse, Stourbridge on Sunday 21st Nov, 1030am lots of stalls with gifts for Christmas, crystals, jewellery, angel cards etc and therapists offering Reiki, Bowen, reflexology, massage, angel card readings, guardian angel drawings plus... tea and home made cakes!All monies for our 15 rescue horses!

Next show (18.10.2010) and updates

WILD TIME's next show is packed! Ruth Boswell from the
Greyhound Trust will be live in the studio.

The show also features interviews with wildlife portrait artist Ev Beard, Pencil Artist and Illustrator Al Franklin, who painted the Mountain Gorillas pictured here (contact him on: 0121-682 5956 or 07941 882 899) and Emma Truman, who also volunteers for Cat Protection UK.

More news: WILD TIME will record the anti fur protest in Birmingham on October 21st (on air date for the footage is November 1st 2010) and Sally Barton-Bodley from the FAT FLUFFS Rabbit Rescue and Rehoming has been confirmed as a guest for the show on December 6th 2010.

Painted by "catwoman" Emma Truman

Monday, October 11, 2010

Updates - What's to come

10:10:10 - October 10th saw a number of global days highlighting "350.org", and Friends of then Earth held a carbon neutral party at The Warehouse in Birmingham.

Sophia Hobbs organised the event and she will be on WILD TIME on October 25th 2010.

Sophia Hobbs from Friends of the Earth in Birmingham

Friends of the earth

Guests at the event

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Next show on 11.10.2010

Monica Williams from Birmingham Reptiles and Pets will be Thomas Janak's studioo guest on WILD TIME, next Monday!

How to look after reptiles, pros and cons of selling "pets" and more will be issues of interest that will be explored.

The show also features an interview with artist Jeanette Hill.

Jeanette Hill and Thomas Janak in conversation

Some of Jeanette Hill's paintings

Contact Information

First show went well

WILD TIME producer/host Thomas Janak (right) with studio guest Richard Keogh

The very first WILD TIME show on TCR FM went very well. Richard turned out to be very engaging, informative and witty and made for a perfect guest.

Addressing the listeners

Studio guest Richard Keogh from the Animal Healing Trust & Wythall Horse Rescue