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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

February 2013 schedule


WILD TIME premiered in February of 2008 on the Digital Hub FM in Dublin/Ireland. Over the years we have been on numerous stations as well as online and we're a fixed feature on TCR FM since late 2010.

With 370 shows so far (January 2013) we are delighted to announce the next number of shows:

04.02.2013 Is facebook targeting animal rights activists? A new spamfilter may have caused issues to crossposters but private messages monitored and deleted by facebook that goes a step too far. But does that ultimately mean that animal rights activists are being targeted by the social media giant? We’re discussing this with Sybelle Foxcroft and Kasha Viets – Wood.

11.02.2013 WILD TIME IS 5 YEARS YOUNG! We will talk about the last five years briefly before talking to Nicola Tapping about Veganism and Science – Fiction and how the two compliment each other. In the second hour of tonight’s show we will talk with Dr. Pieter Kat from LionAid about trophy hunting and the decline of the king od the djungle

18.02.2013 On tonight’s show we will talk to philosophy teacher and author Lisa Kemmerer about her numerous books on animal rights, woman rights issues and the difficulties of teaching ethics to a ranching community in the backwaters of Montana /USA.  But the show doesn’t end there. Mark Mak from the Alliance for Animal Police Hong Kong will be chatting to us about the animal protection scheme and why it is not working and, last nut not least, Austrain rockband “Suck at Love” will talk to us about their music and their vegan lifestyle

25.02.2013 Wild Time talks to Rana and Yousra Soliman from Egypt about their 150-page-animal rights graduate project. The conversation touches on animal abuse, Religion and more. In the second hour of tonight’s show we will be talking to Lisa Hywood from the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe about the plight of the pangolin before chatting with Sybelle Foxcroft from Cee4life about the Guardian Project.