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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 - a year in review

67 shows in 2010 – last year was indeed WILD TIME’s wildest year to date. We have been on many different stations in 2010 (DIGITAL HUB FM,TGIF, DSFM, TCR FM), our online version flourished and for a short while we even added a video version to WILD TIME.

WILD TIME met and talked to the most engaging and courageous guests, which included, among others, 9 year old Jack Lanting, acting legend Rutger Hauer, Whitney Hillmann, Oriana Kalama, Colin Ridell, Dave Wawak, Steve Best, Matt Ellerbeck as well as numerous animal rights groups from Animal Equality to the league against cruelt sports, Sea Shepherd, Hunt Sabs and many more.

We celebrated our 100th show in summer 2010 in Dublin, put together a 4 week anti-whaling special and brought you a 4 – hour special on the international animal rights day and more.

Our listeners responded well, making WILD TIME a truly global show with over 800 fans on the facebook™ page and nearly 6000 visits to our blogs.

Due to the high number of interviews and footage, not all shows can be archived, yet there are many shows still online to be enjoyed and shared.

We’re back on air on January 10th 2010 with an additional show on Fridays (January only) and more great guests.

Thanks for listening and please keep supporting the show in the new year!

ALL 2010 shows

1. 12.01.2010 Animals and Christianity – Thomas Janak in conversation with pastor Debbie McFarland

2. 13.01.2010 In conversation with Dave Warwak re the Mayan prophecies of 2012, veganism and more

3. 18.01.2010 Oriana Kalama, ocean defender and TV chef talks to Thomas Janak

4. 19.01.2010 In Conversation with Dave Warwak, topics include “Veganism 101” and the Mayan prophecies for 2012 (as aired on January 13th 2010)

5. 25.01.2010 Megan Tiedemann talks to Thomas about her Facebook™ page and cats and behaviour/training

6. 26.01.2010 TGIF chat room Q&A with pet psychologist Thomas Janak about pet behaviour and training

7. 27.01.2010 Meet the “elephant Man” Vincent Fagne, who wants to build a retirement home for old elephants in south Nepal

8. 28.01.2010 Bee keeping the right way: In conversation with beekeeper Thomas Aumer

9. 01.02.2010 In conversation with Viv Lanting, mother of 9-yrs-old Jack, who is passionate about saving elephants

10. 03.02.2010 In conversation with 9-yrs-old Jack Chapman-Lanting re saving elephants

11. 11.02.2010 In conversation with ecologist Julia Feliz

12. 02.03.2010 In conversation with June Billings who studied elephants hands-on for 40 years

13. 03.03.2010 In conversation with Maik Schaffer from “Save our nature”

14. 29.03.2010 Live Chat with Julie O’Neill from Animal Aid Unlimited India

15. 16.04.2010 Save the seals – Interview with Mark Carter

16. 30.04.2010 (Not) just your average vegan teen – in conversation with Chris Kiser

17. 30.04.2010 Life after Copenhagen I with guest David Korewicz from FEASTA

18. 03.05.2010 Coexisting with nonhuman animals – in conversation with Jordan Wyatt

19. 03.05.2010 Arguments against stag hunting – footage from a public meeting

20. 07.05.2010 Life after Copenhagen Part II – the conversation with Dave Korewicz continued

21. 10.05.2010 The world piece diet – in conversation with Dr. Will Tuttle

22. 14.05.2010 Tiger Temple Thailand: Tourist heaven, tiger hell – an interview with undercover investigator Sybelle Foxcroft

23. 15.05.2010 Interview with PETA’s Bruce Friedrich

24. 17.05.2010 Interview with Naresh Kadyan, leading animal rights activist in India and Hilke Eitner (NL) about “horse slaughter Europe”

25. 18.05.2010 Emergency Appeal Interview with Franck Balma

26. 20.05.2010 “Sweet Utopia” – Interview with author Sharon Valencik

27. 21.05.2010 The Irish Animal Education Trust in the studio

28. 23.05.2010 Interview with Mahesh Sharma from the animal welfare network Nepal

29. 24.05.2010 Horseracing kills! – In conversation with Daniel von Guggenheim-Meaney

30. 28.05.2010 The moon and its effect on people and the planet – in conversation with Lyn Genders

31. 31.05.2010 The history of the universe – with studio guest Niamh Wynne plus a short insert re horse abuse with phone guest Laura Broxson

32. 04.06.2010 “Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows” – In conversation with author Dr. Melanie Joy

33. 07.06.2010 DVD Tipps

34. 11.06.2010 Live life the vegan way – interviews with Carolyn Scott re vegan e-cook books and Caroline Luxon about veganism. Phone guest: Vet Una Carroll

35. 14.06.2010 The health benefits of tea with studio guest Brendan Dempsey

36. 21.06.2010 Cosmic problems – the universe and sustainability with studio guest Edward Delaney

37. 28.06.2010 Snake conservation with phone guest Matt Ellerbeck

38. 05.07.2010 Negotiation is over with phone guest Dr. Steve Best

39. 12.07.2010 The Equine Crisis – in conversation with Janice Watt

40. 12.07.2010 The horses of the Camargue – interview with artist Tom Byrne

41. 19.07.2010 Dr. Vet Una Carroll live in the studio

42. 26.07.2010 Laura Broxton from NARA live in the studio

43. 30.07.2010 Bear Necessity Korea – interview with Kelly Francis McKenna

44. 19.08.2010 Spiritual animal communication – in conversation with Seraphime Angelis

45. 20.08.2010 Stop Crush.org – In conversation with Marla Stormwolf – Patty and Anthony Damiano about how to end the production and distribution of crush videos and much more.

46. 04.10.2010 The Animal Healing Trust & Wythall Horse Rescue with studio guest Richard Keogh. The show also features an “Erdington Special” with interviews and music

47. 11.10.2010 Monica Williams from Birmingham Reptiles and Pets live in the studio. The show also features an interview with painter Jeanette Hill as well as footage from a “Friends of the earth” event: 10:10:10 Carbon Neutral Party.

48. 18.10.2010 Bob Birtles and Paul Lyons, volunteers at Daybreaks Kennels and RGT Perribarr live in the studio to talk about the plight of Greyhounds. The show also features interviews/conversations with artists Al Franklin, Ev Beard and Emma Truman. Emma also volunteers with Cats Protection UK.

49. 18.10.2010 Tiger Temple Thailand Update – Interview with Sybelle Foxcroft

50. 22.10.2010 Species conservation in the Sudan and Zambia – in conversation with Fraser Henderson

51. 24.10.2010 Chemtrails – what the f*** are they spraying?! – In conversation with Calvin Keats

52. 25.10.2010 The show features a 40-minutes feature on the “350 Carbon Neutral Party” held by Friends of the earth Birmingham on October 10th 2010 (shorter version aired on October 11th 2010). The show also features recordings from an anti fur demo, which was being held in Birmingham on October 23rd 2010.

53. 28.10.2010 Interview with Whitney Hillman who saved a chicken from slaughter. An act of kindness that has changed her life and the perception of many towards poultry and food production.

54. 01.11.2010 James O’Flaherty and Daniel Oaks from the international animal rights organisation “Animal Equality” live in the studio. The show also features footage from a recent AE event in Birmingham.

55. 06.11.2010 “Vegan organic growing and permaculture” talk by Barbara Staples

56. 07.11.2010 Helping street dogs in Nepal – in conversation with Virve Hilvervik

57. 08.11.2010 Footage from the Midlands Vegan Festival

58. 15.11.2010 “Piranha Protection” Interview with Matt Ellerbeck. The show also looks at how animals are portrait in horror movies and how this fuels hatred. Sociologist Roger Yates will be talking to Thomas about that via skype.

59. 16.11.2010 Cape Parrot Project – an interview with Dr. Steve Boyes who is trying to save the cape parrot from going extinct

60. 22.11.2010 Anti – Whaling special - Protest footage from the anti-whaling-day protest in London

61. 29.11.2010 Anti – Whaling special - Part II features interviews with Japanese born animal rights activist Noro Yohakawa, currently at sea with sea shepherd and Vanessa Van Horn who attended the event in Dublin and also operates “Dolphin Days”

62. 30.11.2010 Acting legend Rutger Hauer talks to Wild Time about supporting Sea Shepherd, electric cars and more

63. 01.12.2010 Save the Brumbies – Wild Time in conversation with Lynette Sutton who appeals to us all to help end the eradication of Australia’s wild horses.

64. 06.12.2010 – Anti Whaling special – part III features interviews with Judith Wouters who speaks Japanese fluently and who wrote a 120-page dissertation about whaling in a Japanese context. Also features an interview with stiltwalker Maria Heidemann, who attended the anti whaling day in Duesseldorf/Germany. Maria received an award for a short movie by no other than actor Rutger Hauer and is currently working on a documentary that involves dolphins.

65. 10.12.2010 International animal rights day special broadcast! – Features interviews with author Doris Thomas, Australian activists Colin Ridell and Justine Seymour as well as an interview with vegan chef Sharon Picone. There will also be an International animal rights day special broadcast on DSFM, which features interviews with Ahmed Diab and Jordan Wyatt as published on wildtime online. Also, Preston FM will support the International animal rights day with a special broadcast using Wild Time interviews with Whitney Hillmann and Virve Hilvervik as published on www.wildtimeonline.blogspot.com

66. 13.12.2010 Anti Whaling special – part IV features an interview with Mary Veriakis who organised the anti whaling day protest in Melbourne and activist Maik Schaffer who organised and attended Berlin

67. 20.12.2010 The show features an interview with a young Australian, Karl Goodsell, who studied Marine Biology and who will spend four months in Japan as a “Cove Guardian”. The show also features a 60-minute interview with Leanan Sidhe about wild and domesticated rats

For the Jnauray schedule see post below

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