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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wild Time monthly - February 2nd 2012

(Wild Time host Thomas Janak out and about)

Wild Time monthly is on air on February 2nd 2012 from 10pm GMT globally with s full show:

Wild Time will bring you footage from a recent event at Kingstanding/Birmingham where the age-old tradition of "Awakening The Trees" took place. The show also features an interview with Dean Bracher who organises this years' World Day for animals in laboratories, which will take place in Birmingham on Saturday April 28th.

Furthermore Wild Time host Thomas Janak spoke with Lucy Byrne from Earthrace UK about their recent protest at the Australian house in London re the dugong and turtle killings in Australia.

Lastly, the show features and interview with Sydney-based Sarah Constable who "has a habit" of rescueing calves from slaughter.

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