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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

January 2013 schedule

We're back! WILD TIME will turn 5 in mid February and to-date has aired and/or podcast over 350 shows. And there is no slowing down:

07.01.2013 On this episode we are bringing you some expert advice on how to train pets and their owners the positive way as well as bringing you an amazing interview with activist and author Susie Duncan Sexton

14.01.2013 Wild Time talks to Cro-Mags Frontmann Joe Joseph about his book ‘Meat is for pussies’ in the second hour of today’s broadcast. Joy Warren also tells us about Waterflouridation and the health risks to humans and animals alike.

21.01.2013 On December 15th 2012 WILD TIME attended two great events: Firstly, the cruelty free Xmas fayre in Kings Heath/Birmingham and later that day a benefit concert in aid of the Hunt Sabs. This show is all about this day!

28.01.2013 Retired pastor Frank L. Hoffman talks to wild time about the book of genesis, why he believes that we were all meant to be vegan and more. 

Interviewing an animal rescueer during the Cruelty Free Xmas fayre in mid December 2012

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