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Sunday, January 19, 2014


WILD TIME turns 6 this month!! We premiered on February 15th 2008 on The Digital Hub FM (sadly no longer in existence) in Dublin / Ireland. Within weeks we changed from an animal welfare show to an animal rights show. Check our our humble beginnings HERE .

Six years on the world is still a very sad and violent world for many animals around the globe. This is what we've got for you this month:

04.02.2014 Animal Mutilation - in conversation with Margie Kay Animal mutilation cases are not new and have been reported for a very long time, almost always linked to sightings of UFO's and/or strange military air planes. But what exactly is happening to these animals and do we know why and who is behind it all?

11.02.2014 Cruelty Free X-mas fayre - in December 2013 WILD TIME went to the cruelty free x-mas fayre in Birmingham where we talked to many organisations from Sea Shepherd to 'Projet Primates', the latter being a more in-depth guest on a future show of ours.

18.02.2014 Projet Primates - Estelle Raballand from Projet Primates tells us all about their efforts to save chimpanzees in Africa.

25.02.2014 Live Exports in Ireland and stray dogs in Romania - after a 16-year-ban live exports came back to the Republic of Ireland in 2012 with a vengeance. In 2013 over 200 000 animals were shipped to their deaths all over the globe from Irish soil. Laura Broxson from the National Animal Rights Association, NARA for short, who has been on the show numerous times and is always a great and compassionate guest to have on the show, fills us in about how to fight the live export industry and all the difficulties that this entails.

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