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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


March 2014 will be an eventful month:

04.03.2014 Shark Aid International - Susana Narvajas and Alex Wright will be talking to WILD TIME about the importance of the shark

11.03.2014 More form Surabaya Zoo - Indonesia's disgraceful Surabaya Zoo has been a topic of ours already but as it gets worse and worse it is time to revisit this topic. Cee4Life's Sybelle Foxcroft has the latest news

18.03.2014 Anti Badger Cull March Birmingham, February 2014 - 1,861 badgers have been killed recently in an attempt to eradicate Bovine TB. Science strongly suggests that culling badgers is NOT the answer. Thousands of people came to Birmingham's Victoria Square on February 22nd to express their views and to educate the public. WILD TIME was there

25.03.2014 More from the badger cull - We will bring you more footage from the recent event as well as an in-depth interview about the macaques in Morocco

The show on March 25th 2014 will be our final Wild Time show on TCR FM.

For future shows please visit our online version

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