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Thursday, October 28, 2010

November 2010 Schedule

01.11.2010 Iqualdad Animal/Animal Equality - members from the group will be live in the studio. The show also features recently recorded footage from an AE event

Footage from a recent AE event will be aired during the show on November 1st 2010

08.11.2010 Midlands Vegan Festival footage - the show airs footage recorded during the festival which took place on October 30th 2010. Kevin White from the Festival will be in the studio

15.11.2010 Piranha Protection/How animals are being portrayed in movies and how this fuels hatred and ridicule - The show features an interview with Matt Ellerbeck who currently runs campaigns to protect piranhas. Sociologist Roger Yates, who has been on WILD TIME numerous times will be speaking to wild time host Thomas Janak about animals in horror movies and more.

Piranha Protector Matt Ellerbeck

22.11.2010 Anti Whaling day protest November 5th London footage - November 5th 2010 saw a number of global protests against Whaling. WILD TIME covered the protest at the Japanese Embassy in London

29.11.2010 Birmingham Vegetarians and Vegans Talks - WILD TIME recently recorded a very informative talk given by Barbara Staples about aspects of vegan organic growing and permaculture, which will be aired on the show. Very likely WILD TIME will also record a talk with Dr. Harish Chandra from the Princeton University in the US titled "We are vegetarians naturally", which shall be aired during the show as well.

WILD TIME host Thomas Janak in conversation with Barbara Staples

- subject to change -

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