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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Tsunami Appeal

Japan has often been a topic on WILD TIME and we have always made sure to mention that not everybody in Japan is a dolphin killer or worse. In fact, many very nice and courageous Japanese people like CFT's Kozue Watanabe and Masami Mizuguchi or SSCS activist Noro Yorakawa were engaging guests on the show.

Best-selling author Masaru Emoto (Hidden Messages in Water) will be talking to WILD TIME soon.

Like so many people around the globe, we too are shocked and saddened by the recent Tsunami in Japan and the devastation this has brought to the land of the rising sun.

While we are very happy to report that many of our Japanse friends appear to be safe for the moment we would like to ask all our listeners and supporters to help if they can by donating.

Read how HERE (Facebook login required)

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