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Monday, March 28, 2011

April 2011 Schedule

April 2011 Schedule*:

04.04.2011 The show features an interview with a Rumanian animal rights activist, who is frantically trying to do something about the killings of stray dogs. A must listen eyewitness/activist report, very moving indeed. The show also features an interview with the Shark Tsunami UK group who are campaigning against shark finning and the grim reputation of the shark in general.

11.04.2011 Animal Rights Spring Gathering footage - contains tons of interviews with many activists, involved in numerous campaigns and many fields.

18.04.2011 Japan special - Japan's problems and worries are far from over and this show highlights the tsunami and the need to support Japan. Includes interviews with members and friends of the Birmingham Japanese society with wide ranging topics such as xenophobia in Japan and how to wear a kimono. Also features an interview with American photographer and activist Brian Barnes who was in Japan when the distaster struck.

Great Vegan food at the Animal Rights Spring Gathering in Bradford (mid March)

Just some of the people we met at the Eiwakei Birmingham Japanese Society on March 25th 2011

* - subject to change

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