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Saturday, November 26, 2011

December 2011 schedule

Another year draws to a close and it is time to announce the December shows for Wild Time:

December 5th 2011: Medical doctor Victoria Martindale who specialises in working with primates these days will be live in the studio to talk about the vivsection industry and why animal tests don't work.

The show also features an interview with Gawain Beste from CAFT about their anti fur protests in London.

December 12th 2011: Wild Time in conversation with Marta Curti from Whitehawk Birdwatching about eco tourism as the way forward in conservation. The show will also feature another great conversation:

Pet Hope will humbly tell you that "We are 10-20 people that came together out of love for animals. Our animal protection association was founded in April 2010. We focus on spay & neuter, education and emergencies."

How hard their work really is is often not known or understood. Here and now we have the possibility to really find out what the situation is in Romania as we talk to lawyer Ruxandra Bizera.

December 19th 2011: Wild Time is bringing you an update on Morgan the orca. A court has recently ruled to keep him in captivity and ship him to an amusement park to perform. The show explores the question whether or not there is anything that can be done for Morgan at this point in time. Lara Pozzato from the Free Morgan Foundation talked to Wild Time in-depth about Morgan.

Musicians Lisa Stern and Eric Spitzer - Marlyn will also be on air talking about their involvement in the documentary film "Yasuni - two minutes of life"

Last, but not least, Thomas Janak also recently spoke with Gerald Leedham from ecohomes UK about sustainible building and ecologically viable solutions to costs and material and more. This interview concludes this years' shows!

Merry Christmas to all our listeners, guests and everyone at TCR FM.

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