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Monday, June 25, 2012

July 2012 Schedule

02.07.2012 Gardener's World Live Exhibition footage - On a Saturday in June WILD TIME went to the NEC in Birmingham where we talked to many exhibitors about habitats, conservation and more. The show features interviews with The Badger Trust, The Bat Conservation Society, Rainwater Harvesting, British cactus and Succulent Society, Orchid Society to name but a few.

09.07.2012 Following pigeons in London and "The Urban Fox problems" - Today WILD TIME will bring you an insightful and entertaining interview with Lisa Shand who has been following piegeons in London for over six years now. We will also bring you a conversation with Paul McDonalds from "Fox-A-Gon", whose aim is to help repell Foxes from making a home in ones garden withoutever harming them.

12.07.2012 WILD TIME LIVE EVENT: You are invited to attend a FREE screening of Michael Zhao;s amazing documentary "Pets' Republic Of China" at the Ort Cafe, 500 - 506 Moseley Road, Moseley, Birmingham from 8.30pm.

16.07.2012 Cullings and killings will be the main issues today on Wild Time, I am afraid as we are bringing you an interview with Wildlife photographer and outspoken anti-hunter Jim Robertson as well as an interview about the current Kangaroo killings in Australia before joining up with the "Animal Friendly Alliance" in Hong - Kong.

23.07.2012 Another full show! We will be chatting to BAT WORLD, will have a closer look at the threats the orangutans are under and will also talk to an organisation in Vietnam, whose aim is to help mainly stray animals there. (re-scheduled from June 25th)

30.07.2012 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Benefit gig footage - On Saturday, June 16th a benefit gig in aid of the SSCS took place at the Wagon 'n' Horses in Birmingham where six bands gave it their all to support Paul Watson. CONTAINS SOME BAD LANGUAGE

WE WILL BE OFF IN AUGUST and will be back on air on the first Monday in September

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