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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 2012 schedule

WILD TIME is back on air WEEKLY every Monday between 2 - 4pm!
There are some great interviews waiting to be aired and many topics to be explored this month: June 11th 2012: Our environment is fragile and new ways of commuting need to be found to lessen the impact on the planet. Wild Time recently went to the "Green Motor Show" ECOVELOCITY in London to have a closer look at the vehicles of the future. On this weeks' edition we will also have an in-depth look at VAFA, an animal shelter in Iran...... June 18th 2012: China will be the sole topic of this weeks' WILD TIME. We will be having a closer log at the dog height restrictions that are in place in certain areas, will talk to a french gentleman who lives in Shanghai (see picture left) and who is involved in a dog adoption scheme and we will also talk to the students alliance for animal rights!
June 25th 2012 : Another full show! We will be chatting to BAT WORLD, will have a closer look at the threats the orangutans are under and will also talk to an organisation in Vietnam, whose aim is to help mainly stray animals there.

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